Hi, I'm David
A Digital Marketing Strategist & Conversion Optimization Specialist

Since 2014 I’ve helped companies increase their conversions & profits with the same existing marketing budget, by optimizing their online marketing campaigns & designing landing pages that convert.

"I am a neuro-marketer who believes the decision-making process of your potential customers could be affected at a subliminal level."
M y    S e r v i c e s
Outsourced Marketing Manager

Outsourcing your marketing is a cost-effective way of ensuring your marketing strategies provide maximum possibilities for growth. You can hire a qualified, experienced marketing manager to come on board to manage complex, arduous projects on a short-term basis, for a few days to a few months.

Digital Marketing Manager
Marketing Services availability
Marketing Project Manager
Digital Service Offered
Web Design & Development Project Manager
Interview Job Applicants  
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Landing Page & Web Design
Optimized for Best User Experience
Optimized for Web Accessibility
Responsive to All Devices
Designed from Scratch (I avoid templates)
Web Development in WebFlow
Option to Pay in Instalments over 6-12 Months
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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Analysis & Audit of PPC Campaigns
Website Analysis & Optimization
Design & Launch New Landing Pages
A/B Split Tests
User Behavior Analysis
In-depth Data Analysis  
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Paid Search
Google Ads Account Management
PPC Account Audit
Remarketing Campaigns
Google Shopping Campaigns
Google Analytics
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User Experience (UX)
Manage the UX Process
User Research
User Interface (UI)
Plan & Manage Visibility Testing
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO Analysis & Audit
On-site Optimization
Keyword Research
Guide Content Creators
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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?
Why is CRO Beneficial?    
What are the Benefits of CRO?
When To Use CRO?
Why Use a CRO Consultant?
What is a Good Conversion Rate?
Conversion Optimization Techniques
"In every design, in every marketing campaign and everything else I do, I first consider how the limbic brain would or could perceive, interpret and react to what I assume I should do.”  

My Principles, Values & What I Can Offer.

What I Intend to Stand For
Loyalty and Exclusivity
Unparalleled Customer Service  
Build Long-Term Relationships
Conscientiousness, Honesty & Integrity
To Be a Part of What You are Building

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